Sunday, 20 April 2014

return home to find poodle has also been blogging

I still have stories to tell from Japan (I've never really understood how busy people can maintain memoirs daily, there isn't time) but must break off to tell of our homecoming.

Helen's garden and my garden looking splendid, we have had David from France and Emiko from Japan, WWOOFers who have been with us for some weeks looking after our houses and Ralph Poodle Black in our absence.

We returned to this entrance hallway, saying Welcome Back in Japanese.

We returned also to Ralph, now four months

discovering that, in our absence and with some very special assistance from Emi, Ralph has become a blogger too, in a very refined way, on paper.

Here then is Ralph's amazing story as presented to us yesterday, complete with Japanese paper art.

click on any photo to see slideshow

Portraits of the dog as a young artist

Thank you Emi and David!

Fate of the modern child .... :-)

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